Attention New Clients

To ensure best results, follow our care instructions and complete our client waiver upon booking.

On the day of your Airbrush Spray Tanning appointment, follow these steps to ensure a flawless Airbrush Spray Tan:

  • Do not wear moisturizers, sunscreen, perfume, make-up, or deodorant the day of your appointment.
  • Keep in mind that any shampoo or conditioners you use on your hair prior to your tan will leave a film on your skin causing a barrier so please be sure to wash and condition your hair first and then exfoliate your body with an exfoliating mitt so as not to have product left on your skin.
  • Please do not shower at least 4 hours prior to your Airbrush Spray Tan. Doing so can open up your pores and will result in an uneven splotchy tan.
  • Please wear or bring loose clothing! Proper clothing play a key part in keeping a freshly applied Airbrush Spray Tan flawless during development. Wearing loose dark clothing after your tanning application is a must, a loose maxi style dress works well. In the winter months we suggest loose pajama style pants and an oversized zippered sweatshirt.
  • All fitted pants, including yoga pants, will remove the tan from your legs.
  • Wear flip flops to prevent streaks on your feet.
  • On rainy days, wear slippers or Uggs, a loose zippered hoodie sweatshirt, and loose sweats (without the elastic band at the ankle) or pajama pants. And don’t forget your umbrella!
  • Men are required to wear underwear or swim shorts during their Airbrush Spray Tan.

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